Conflict Resolution through Mediation

in the private and business context

Business mediation

Tensions in teams or in business relationships? Business mediation can achieve enduring solutions and restore constructive communication, whether on a national or international basis.

Conflict management

Disagreements are only human, but the true professional deals with them in a mature way. When challenges of this kind arise, take advantage of conflict management

Family mediation

Conflicts with people we are close to are a part of normal life. What makes a difference is how we handle these conflicts. When the air needs to be cleared, family mediation helps.

Seminare & Trainings

To sharpen up your communication skills, choose a theme for a seminar, training session, lecture or workshop. Conflict management can be learned!

Who gains from what I offer?

International enterprises and organizations

Cooperation across all borders: use business mediation to optimize intercultural communication and personal interaction.

SMEs, start-ups and family businesses

First-class communication is a precondition for productive business relationships. Use mediation to create clarity in all kinds of collaboration or when an enterprise is handed on to new management.

(Intercultural) teams and departments

Make the most of diversity in teams. When tensions arise, sort out personal, structural or intercultural difficulties in good time. Use mediation to stay productive.

Educational and training institutions

Arguments, victimization, marginalization? Misunderstandings amongst colleagues? Prevent violence by setting an example with conflict management. When you need assistance, come and get it!


High aims and the goal of caring and helping. In the health field more than almost anywhere else. conflict coaching helps in difficult situtations.

Research institutions

Institutions of science and scholarship have to battle with special difficulties. Knowledge of conflict resolution strategies makes it easier to sort out misunderstandings.

Cultural operations

When there are gaping discrepancies between reality and ideals, or when blockages are an obstacle to success, mediation opens up a space to resolve conflicts and stimulate creativity.

NGOs, societies, action groups, self-help groups

Respectful personal interaction as a basis for civil courage and commitment to the common good. Use mediation to maintain high motivation, resolve conflicts, and boost potential.

Families, couples, generations

When you have to get through times of uncontrollable disagreement, to break conflict patterns, or to make important decisions, family mediation is sure to save you time, money and energy.

Living and good-neighbourly relations

Conflicts with neighbours, tenants or apartment owners? Expensive and exhausting court cases can be avoided – with mediation, solutions can be found to satisfy all concerned.

Equality for disabled persons

Fairness is vital when it comes to inclusivity at work. Disabled persons have legal rights. Use all the possibilities open to you.

Companies with apprentices

Problems in an apprenticeship? By law, an apprenticeship cannot be terminated without a mediation. Young people deserve this chance for a solution acceptable to all.

Mag.ª iur. Barbara Nanoff-Schediwy

Conflict resolution through mediation

Mediation is more than just a technique. Respectful communication is linked to an attitude that is important in all fields of life. My aim is to practise and demonstrate non-judgemental perception, attentiveness and respect.

For me as a law graduate, mediator and communication trainer, social competence is one of the most important – if not the most important – competence of our time. From the family to the business enterprise, from the school to politics – again and again, studies show the close association between communication and success. I am motivated because I know from experience that attentive mediation makes it possible to achieve mutual understanding and sustainable solutions. Ultimately, this common process brings great relief to all involved.

I am personally committed to promoting the idea of mediation in our society and of bringing people closer, of helping them to connect. If humans are to live together peacefully – even when they have different opinions – connective relationships are of fundamental importance. They develop on the basis of us really listening – without being judgemental – even before we put our own position into words. Even if we are not in agreement with one another.

To begin with, this sometimes seems difficult and the procedure is confused with not standing one’s ground. But it is possible to connect even when opinions differ. I see my task as to support this process and to provide the parties with the necessary skills.

The end of a mediation sees the restoration of communication and a constructive solution that all can live with.

Barbara Nanoff-Schediwy ist Mediatorin in Wien

Life is not a problem that has to be solved but a reality that has to be experienced.



State registered Mediator




Mediations with (partial) settlement


State-funded Co-Mediations according to §39c FLAG

Specific Services

Some companies offer their staff the possibility of taking advantage of mediation – anonymously and on an informal basis. This option (“standby mediation”) is a proven way of preventing conflicts from being left unacknowledged or even unnoticed. In this context, my particular experience helps to focus on the important factors of gender and diversity. I am happy to help my mediation clients with practical and up-to-date solutions, online mediations for example, which bring the additional bonus of being environmentally friendly. And I particularly like conducting mediations in English.

Barbara Nanoff-Schediwy on Social Skills

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