Training, presentations, and seminars on mediation and conflict management - Communication seminars

Communication is a central skill of our time. In all spheres of life, whether in the family or in business relations, in the private or the public field, 'social competence' is recognized as being indispensable to success.

So much depends on how we make our point. Intelligence, financial resources, social courage, commitment, single-mindedness, and good will are only any good to us if we succeed in 'getting through' to each other, i.e., in achieving understanding and cooperation.

We all possess various measures of emotional intelligence and social competence - but in difficult and demanding situations we can all benefit from awareness of certain important basic principles.

Mediation and conflict management thus depend on conscious communication, practised on the basis of mediative attitude based on tolerance.

Knowledge about communication and the desire to achieve only become effective when they are practised and applied in a concrete situation.