Communication in partnership and marriage

The origins of conflicts often lie some way back in the past; as a result, the partners concerned may well not be equally aware of the reasons underlying their present disagreements. Furthermore, relationship problems are often exacerbated by lack of opportunity for communication – or by an underestimation of the importance of talking things over.

Mediation can assist in the clearing up of grey areas and can help parties to take appropriate action.

Whether in the context of marriages or long- or shorter-term partnerships (hetero- or homosexual) or in other kinds of longer-term personal relations, mediation offers:

  • Assistance with clarification in connection with everyday points of conflict
  • Support in the face of frequently recurring and burdening conflicts
  • Help in the development of suitable communication techniques for dealing with future friction

In the case of deeper psychological problems, mediation is no replacement for couple therapy but can be valuable as a complementary exercise.