Conflicts between the generations

The ‘generation gap’ presents challenges all of its own. When members of different generations live in close proximity, differences in values, styles of communication, expectations, and needs are perfectly normal – but not always easy to live with.

The difficulties can be exacerbated by physical proximity (lack of space), illness, worrying situations at school or at work, the arrival of new members of the family, or other transitional phases (e.g., puberty).

Mediation can offer:

  • In the case of parents/legal guardians and children/adolescents: Clarification/rapprochement/reconciliation through increased awareness of unexpressed grudges or resentment; agreements for everyday life
  • In conflicts involving adults of different generations: Help with communication, with reaching agreement on matters of common interest (contact with children/grandchildren, questions of education and upbringing, personal attention and financial contributions, personal involvement in family life)
  • For those looking after the elderly: Help with communicating in very challenging circumstances