Mediation in the private sphere

Conflicts between individuals who are close to one another can be particularly burdensome, most notably in the following contexts:

  • Families, particularly patchwork families
  • Marriage
  • Life partnerships (also homosexual partnerships)
  • Other relationships within the extended family
  • Friendships, neighbourhood networks
  • Private initiatives, working groups etc.

As a mediator I can offer a protected framework/forum for discussion in which the customary conflict pattern can be interrupted and personal and objective questions put into order. This applies also to highly escalated conflicts, on which I have specialised.

As a matter of principle, mediators listen to all parties as they give voice to their needs and concerns and – if necessary – will penetrate to the very core of the conflict in order to achieve clarity. It is easier to take steps forward in a context of mutual respect.

On request I  also provide mediation in a 'mixed doubles' configuration in collaboration with an experienced male psychotherapist.

Please enquire about state - aided mediation (depending on family income and number of children).