Cultural institutions

Creative and performing artists often come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. They mostly work with a high level of emotional commitment. While tensions are a natural part of the creative process, they can also be detrimental to the achievement of the artistic goal.

If they are to work productively, creative individuals require emotional security and a high degree of sensitivity on the part of their colleagues.

When disagreements arise, it is thus all the more important to seek assistance.

This can be the case in following areas:

  • Coordination in the area of artistic implementation and cooperation
  • When artistic progress is blocked by communication problems
  • Contractual disagreements
  • Legal questions (employment, insurance, conditions of work, insurance, staff committee)
  • Conflicts due to financial bottlenecks

Mediation or teambuilding can help to restore the positive working atmosphere that is so vital to fruitful collaboration in the arts.